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Steve Flemming

Your Candidate for Perinton Town Board

"[People] demand a vigorous proponent of [their] interest – not a passive broker for conflicting private interests."

                                 - John F. Kennedy, "The Presidency in 1960," January 14, 1960


WHY I'm running

My family and I love living in Perinton.  I'm running for Town Council because I want to improve the way our town governs and use my skills to improve the quality of life of my constituents.

My goals are simple.  As a town council member, I plan to provide a transparent local government where the decisions that are made are made by and for our community.


Include residents' views in the process of town real-estate development.


Enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.


Limit the impact of the landfill on residents.


Eliminate conflicts of interest for town officials.

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        I was born and raised in New York City along with my 2 siblings by my parents and grandmother. I moved to Brockport to attend college and loved the area so much that I never left. I served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for more than 25 years in the Jail Bureau. During my time at MCSO, I was an instructor at the Academy for new recruits and on-duty officers.  For 10 years, I worked as a deputy at the Rochester Psychiatric Center assigned to individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses who were in custody due to criminal charges.  I also spent several years assigned to the drug rehabilitation units.  After retiring from the Sheriff's Department, I transitioned to providing security at the Federal building downtown.


       I’m a natural teacher at heart and coached all levels of gymnastics, including high school, Level 10 and collegiate level for 25 years. Years later, I’m fortunate to count many of my former athletes and their families as friends.

      My wife, Bronwen, and I love living in Fairport with our two young daughters. Bronwen is an attorney with the New York State Education Department.  One of our daughters attends Dudley elementary and the other attends daycare where we jokingly say that she “runs the place” with her spunky personality. We also share our home with a giant, furry dog named Minnie and our cat, Ralph, who we adopted after finding him attempting to claw his way up the concrete wall of the Erie Canal.


       My family and I are so happy to live in Perinton.  We moved here for the highly recommended school district, multitude of trails and parks and proximity to so many local destinations.  What we've discovered is that Perinton is an active community filled with wonderful people of different ages and backgrounds.  It would be my honor to serve our as an elected official and to give back to the town that gives so much to my family.   


What's new on the campaign trail?

September 29, 2021

It's hard to believe that early voting is just a few weeks away and that election day is just over a month away!  My team and I have been working very hard to reach as many voters as possible in an effort to hear about what's important to the residents of Perinton.  If I haven't knocked on your door yet and you would like to chat, please drop me a line and I would love to connect.   




One of the most recent concerns that has been in the forefront of many people's mind is the proposed Clear Cut plan which would permit the Canal Corporation and NYPA to remove large sections of vegetation along portions of the Erie Canal which runs through the heart of Perinton.  I attended one of the public meetings related to this plan and was disappointed in the sense of dismissiveness from members of the Canal Corporation.  I believe that Perinton should seek to join forces with other local town governments and force the consideration of alternatives by the Canal Corporation based on the adoption of a Local Watershed Revitalization Plan (LWRP) and incorporation of enhanced zoning changes relative to earthen embankments.  If this is an issue that you can about and/or would like to learn more, please check out the Stop the Canal Clear Cut group on Facebook.     

Even though campaigning can be a lot of work, my family and I have also able to celebrate many of the things that we love in Perinton.  Here are some of our favorite memories from September . 

salute to america
movie night

*Update on Canal Clear Cut plan*


Why Your Vote Counts

June 26, 2021

You live in this community, you care about this community. So do I. Politics isn't just about somebody doing something for you, it's about someone who will work with you. My goal is to really listen to what people in our town want and need and to do my best to achieve those goals.

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